Around the World in a Couple of Hours


Shelby Tillema writes, When coming to Denver…

When coming to Denver, Colorado, there are many things you should see or do, like visit the Capital, the Science Museum, the Zoo,and make sure to stop by The Denver Art Museum. The fascinating works of art are from a variety of Countries, some including Asia, Africa, and Europe. You will enjoy many of the paintings, photographs, and sculptures. Some include Waterloo Bridge and Rain Has No Father, a new exhibit. It is made out of about 9,000 bottle caps. In my opinion, a have to see is the photograph Milk Drop Coronet by Harold Edgerton. He has a camera so quick that you can see milk splatter once hitting the table. A have to see sculpture is Fox Games by Sandy Skuglund. This is an entire room that you can walk through that is a restaurant that is all red and there is grey foxes jumping around. There is one red fox, though. While visiting, I spoke to Scott M. Yoss, Director of the Denver Art Gallery Framing. He is also a huge fan of Modiglini’s paintings. There area couple in the museum, today.” Modiglini’s paintings are a croquet blanket.” he said. ” They keep you warm even though they are holy.” A cool fact about thearchitecture of the building is that the outside is completely covered in about 3″ by 7″ tiles. Plus, the building is 7 floors tall, so that’s thousands of tiles. Inside the building, the rooms are not rectangular. The outside also looks like a castle,so even the building is art! There is also a giant sculpture outside of the Museum called Big Sweep, and it is a huge broom sweeping up crumbled paper into a dustpan, which is all about 40 feet tall. This is only a couple of the many things at the museum. If you want to see more, “Go!”, as Scott Yoss said. To find out more, go to .