Capitol Crime


Alex Fiel writes, Recently with the Denver Post, I, along with my group, went to visit the Colorado Capitol.

Recently with the Denver Post, I, along with my group, went to visit the Colorado Capitol. We were there to interview, take notes, and take pictures. Then we would write a story. Even before the day began, I was thinking about what I would write. I was going to guess that there would be some graffiti on the walls or somewhere, however when I got there it was relatively spotless! We went on a tour and I recorded the “crimes.”First in order is the Espinoza brothers. They were bandits / serial killers in the 1960s. They were caught and later beheaded. The Capitol, which used to be a museum, had an artifact vault. In that vault, the heads of the brothers were kept. When some children took tours of the tunnels they claimed to see the heads rolling around! I say children because adults never saw them. Creepy!The next crime was in the hall of presidents. All of the presidents except Barack Obama are there as painted by Lawerence Williams. The only painting ever stolen was the portrait of Lincoln in 1982. The painting was never found but a replacement was made by the same artist.Our third crime was very frequent in 1989. The mile high marker was stolen 8 times. Later they gave up on that idea and etched the marker in the 15th step. Later they discovered that was wrong. The 13th step is the actual one-mile marker! The final crime is the most odd. Our guide knew this one the best because she was a part of it! A Capitol janitor stole a doorknob. You’re maybe thinking that’s not so bad. They could get it replaced easily! Well, our tour guide had different plans. The doorknob was put up on eBay! When her friend told her about it, she went on and tried to make a bid of $150. She came on too late and the knob had already been sold. Later it was found that the new owner of the knob passed away. In an estate sale someone bought it, and then proceeded to put it on eBay again! This time the sale was stopped and the doorknob was returned to the Capitol. If you want to find out more about the Colorado Capitol Building go to:


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