Journalism Day Comes to the Denver Post


Maddie Solomon writes, June twenty third…

June twenty third, the Denver Post opened its office doors to kids all over Colorado who yearn to learn the basics of a Newspaper. Eager future writers entered the building with a mere note book and pencil and yet will come out with a full notebook full of words, a worn down to the tip pencil, and a few articles ready to be published. The morning of the twenty third, stiudents sat through presentations from people such as Pulitzer Prize winning photographer Craig F. Walker, to the actual Colorado Kids editor himself, Mike Peterson. Then after a filling lunch, they set out with the advice from the thriving reporters still fresh in their mind, which would help when they were sat at a computer and told to write an article later on. For now they would take notes of the amazing sights and well known places they would see as the State Capitol, the Art Museum, and even 16th Street Mall .They were divided into six groups and each group was assigned a certain place to go. While tour guides talked about the place they were and things were shown to the Youth Journalists they scribbled furiously in their notebooks with an occasional quiet click of their cameras. After that they returned to the Denver Post building with their notes which readers will be soon dying to read in their articles. Their work will soon be shown in the online Your Hub and if it catches the eye of the Colorado Kids editor possibly in the Colorado Kids daily newspaper which can be held in the hands of anybody who reads it weekly. This is a quick heads up everybody. The adults won’t be the only ones who are ruling the newspaper anymore. The kids now join in and hopefully will be future contributors to newpapers worldwide in the next generation.


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