The Art of Denver


Maya Robbins writes, Painted pianos…

Painted pianos, chess boards, and a big blue bear are some of the wonderful art attractions around Downtown Denver if you can’t afford to go to an expensive art gallery this summer. We interviewed some of the people around Denver’s urban art. One of the main attractions is called the Soundwalk. Created by Jim Green in 1992, the Soundwalk on Curtis St, in between 15 th and 16 th St is a series of vents with animal sounds, singing, yodeling, and subway noises. Longmont resident Melissa Holm said she thought it was a subway the first few times she walked by. Martin from Denver said he thought the sounds were made by aliens trying to communicate with us. We also saw the bear called “I See What You Mean” outside of the Colorado Convention Center, made by Lawrence Argent in 2005. Crystal Oliver of Tennessee said she really liked the big blue bear and Thespina from Lebanon said she thought the bear should be tan instead of blue. Mark Wallas said he thought if the bear would shrink, it would be a good paperweight or doorstop, while Michelle said she thought the bear should have claws. But no matter what color or size, the big blue bear is a must see. On the 16 th Street Mall, there are community chess boards open for people to chill and play some chess. Also on 16 th Street Mall, if you want to show off your musical skills, you can play one of the many painted pianos. So, if you can’t afford to jet off to Paris, London or Tokyo, then drive on down to Denver, have some funs and look at the free art that is available to everybody. Written By- Seth Bowen, Jenna Goodbear, Rachel Hill, Hannah Holzemer, Maya Robbins, Nicolette Sandoval, Raymond Sheridan IV, and Zoe Thomsen. Edited By- Ally Malecha


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