The Timless Library


Alyssa Quiett writes, The DenverPublic Library is not just books.

The DenverPublic Library is not just books. Its thearchitectural beautythat really makes it unique. Michael Graves not onlydesigned the exterior of the library in 1995but also the interior, including the carpets, the tables, and the lights. Though all libraries have value in learning this one has even more to offer. The walls of the building hold an infinite amountof creative shapes to engage the mind. Upon entering the conference room you are enclosed in a beige pyramid. The shapes around you capture the imagination. Everywhere you look you see triangles, squares, diamonds and more. Encased in this historic room is the timeless conflict of old and new. The old has enchanted uswith the woodwork throughout the library. The curly maple wood is in every structure making it durable. The one exception is The Spirit of the West which is built entirely of wood from an old mine shaft. The Spirit of the West can be perceived in many ways such as a teepee, asilo or a water tower.Its the freedom of interpretation that makes this library of many shapes and sizes extraordinary.This story was a group effort by the VI team