Laugh and Cry Over Ramona and Beezus


Mary Eleanor Tezak writes, I’m sure many have read the classic book, Ramona and Beezus by Beverly Cleary.

I’m sure many have read the classic book, Ramona and Beezus by Beverly Cleary. Like many other books, Hollywood transformed it in to a movie. I went to see it on opening day, and loved it!The stars of the movie include Joey King as Ramona and Selena Gomez as Beezus. The two actors play sisters. Ramona is an over-imaginative nine year old who makes lots of trouble for everyone around her. Beezus is her older teenage sister trying to survive high school and a crush on her friend, Henry Huggins. The two sisters are like any others. They tease and scare each other, but when times get tough, they love and care for one another.At first, life is great. Everyone in their family gets along as they enjoy their new baby sister, Roberta, while waiting for an addition on their house to be over. Soon, trouble strikes when their father loses his job. The family has to learn to work together as their mother goes back to working a part-time job and their father becomes a stay-at-home dad and has to find a new job. During the chaos, Ramona has to learn to be helpful and behave. She gives as much as she can by helping out around the house with chores and keeping a positive attitude, while trying to get along with Beezus. For her, this isn’t an easy task. She didn’t just come up with this simple solution herself, though, her father asked her to do it after a disastrous experience involving buckets of paint, an old jeep, and a friendly discussion between her Aunt Beatrice and her best friend’s Uncle Hobart (the two used to be high school sweethearts). In the end, though, Ramona pulls through.Unfortunately, another obstacle blocks the family’s path again. No one knows what is going to happen to the family until the very end. The conclusion of the movie is great, though, as it ties up all the loose ends and makes you smile.This movie is fabulous for kids and adults of all ages. It had me laughing and crying with funny happenings and tough decisions. It sure does bring the book to life and helps you remember that love (and a whole lot imagination) is all you need sometimes.


  1. That was really great!
    That was really great! It gave me a good idea of what the movie (and story) is about.

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