A Perfect Dinner at Mici’s


Maddie Solomon writes, Where do you go when you crave a delicious meal?

Where do you go when you crave a delicious meal? You are too tired to cook and left overs all of a sudden are not so appetizing. For my family Mici’s in Cherry Creek is the place to go when the refrigerator is empty and mom and dad don’t feel like cooking.Whether you want the taste of a crunchy crust with lots of cheese on top type of pizza, a bite of a creamy alfredo, or even a yummy calzone with tons of veggies the Italian restaurant has it. With a crispy loaf of garlic bread that can come with your meal and gelato to finish it off, how can you possibly say no? It’s a bite to eat and an amazing treat.When waiting the younger kids are offered dough to play with and if you look into their kitchen window you can watch them make your food and the orders of others. Makes your mouth water? Try looking out the restaurant window for an exciting view of Cherry Creek North.It is family owned and operated and it is independent. My family owns three cafes so we are always on the look out for restaurants which catch our eye. Mici’s certainly did.


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