A Place Where Wolves Have A Chance.


Ashley Bavero writes, There is a place where wolves from all over the country, have a chance.

There is a place where wolves from all over the country, have a chance.This place is The Wolf Sancturary located in Divide,CO. A wolf sancturary is a place where wolves who are rescued from some of the most dangerous places such as, online killings.Online killings are not a great situation for wolves, people from all over can pay over 20,000 dollars to have a wolf or any other animal killed or hunted and then shipped to them, even Sarah Palin and the new govenor of Alaska, Sean Parnell, support this. However, wolf sancturarys all over are trying their best to prevent this.I went to the wolf sancturary of Divide, CO. They have their hands full with 17 rescues! Some of which are pups. Their wolves range from Mexican Gray Hounds to Artic wolves. They all have their own personalities and names,my favorite being Tala, a well trained wolf pup. She is in a habitat with two other wolves one is her father. Something that is helpful to the wolves’s is that they have their own habitat that is similar to the ones they would normally live in and they are paired with other wolves of whom they get along with. You may wonder why a wolf wouldn’t get along with another wolf well wolves like Princess, doesen’t get along with male wolves or females.I recomend going to the Wolf Sancturary for those of you that love wolves or you just appreciate someone saving a life.