Calling All Dragons….


Dannika Harris writes, If someone would say I saw dragons on the lake, I would say they were full of it.

If someone would say I saw dragons on the lake, I would say they were full of it. But, this past weekend, Denver’s own Sloan’s Lake Park welcomed the 10th Annual Dragon Boat Festival. The Festival started with the Walking of the Flags, followed by a 75 foot dragon (new to this years event). Before the racers could start, they had to reawaken the spirits of the dragon boats, which was called the Eye-Dotting Ceremony, performed under the supervision of the Priest. My brother, Tommy and I, had great seats to see the first race of the day, right at the finish line. It was the red boat verses the blue boat, and the blue team was ahead the whole time, until the red team reached over the top of the dragons head and caught the flag. Wow, it was drag racing on water. Next, we walked over to the Performing Art Stage to watch Bollywood West, a South Indian Contemporary Dance Group. They had such colorful clothing and the most entertaining dance moves I have ever seen. I asked the family next to me if they were having a good time? “Yes! We are having fun. It is our first time here and we like it.” The Gonzales family also added “Can’t wait to try all the food I am smelling. It smells good”. Now, the smells are making me hungry, too. We went to check out the Taste Of Asia food court. There was so much to choose from, Tokyo San Bowl, Taste Of Thailand, Savory Saigon, Bam-Bu, bd’s Mongolian Grill, Asian Catering, and Thai Pepper. For people not in the mood for Asian cusine, there was the Colorado Buffalo Grill and my favorite, Grammys Goodies. I tried the Japanese beef bowl and had some mango sticky rice. (Jill you would be proud of me, I tried something new). It was time to make my way over to the Gateway To Asia. A place to find my Zen. This area offers less stress and healthier lifestyles for people to live in. The demonstrations included Zen Meditation, Feng Shui, Chinese Tea, and Acupuncture. There were so many people, all I could do was watch. I think they all found their “Zen for 2010” (There motto for the Gateway To Asia 2010). There was so much to see and so little time. I would like to thank everyone who was involved in setting up and putting together the Dragon Boat Festival. My family and I had a great time and can’t wait until next year. For more info about the Festival check out or .


  1. That was a good story.
    That was a good story.It was very in-depth. I haven’t been with the Denver Post for very long, but I’m not sure that you are supposed to say I & me. But, like I said, I don’t know.

  2. Thank You for the input.
    Thank You for the input. I know sometimes I use “I” to many times but it fit in this story. Congratulations on becoming a writer can’t wait to read some of your stories.

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