The Capital Building Inside and Out


Daryn Miller writes, Everyone may know the State Capital Building sitting in Denver, Colorado.

Everyone may know the State Capital Building sitting in Denver, Colorado. It has a golden dome on top and that maybe what the capital is most known for. It has beautiful columns to hold up the structure. The staircases outside of the building are made of granite. Many people drive by the capital every day. It seems that the outside of the building is paid more attention to than the inside. Yes the outside is cool, but the inside is also very important and amazing. When you walk inside you’d expect modern upgrades . Surprisingly, it is very old fashioned. It is also very fancy and formal. It has columns, dimmed lights, chandeliers, marble floors, and very expensive art. Besides being fancy, the capital is also very historical and informational. It has paintings of all the Presidents that the United States has ever had, except for Barack Obama. It also explains that during the Civil War, Colorado was not a state at the time but rather a territory. There is much more history about Colorado there too. If you take the tour, then you will find out a lot about the Capital and the crimes that people committed to it. For example: many things were stolen from the Capital like a painting of Abraham Lincoln, a very expensive doorknob and the mile high marker that marks when you are exactly 1 mile above sea level. Did you know that the dome was made entirely of gold? In 1991 a horrible hail storm hit Denver tearing apart the dome. There were holes everywhere! Fortunately the dome was repaired not too long after. In many ways, the Capital is also very exclusive. there is the room where people vote on special decisions. On each side of the room there are special spot for special people such as the democrats and republicans. You can explore the House of Representative room where there is a wall full of pictures showing the people of the house of representatives from the year 2000 to 2010. The capital makes history because they have first ever African-American House of Representatives Speaker, Terrance D. Carroll. On the first floor of the building is the Governor’s office. this is one of the most important rooms of the capital. Just because the Capital is exclusive as far as government goes, that does not mean that it does not show nongovernment things.Before all of the new stairs in the Capital were built, there were small staircases. You are not allowed to go up and down these staircases but there are windows so you can see what they look like. But besides staircases and government rooms another very important part of the Capital you can visit is the dome. You walk up approximately 61 stairs that lead to it. When you get up there, there is a tour guide that tells you all about the dome, There are huge windows in the dome that show a gorgeous view of Denver. So just because the capital is amazing on the outside, it does not mean the inside is any less better. If you need something to do or are visiting Denver take a trip to the State Capital Building.


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