Tri-Lakes 9-10 All Stars Eliminated From State


Bradley King writes, On a extremely hot afternoon the Tri-Lakes All Stars were in a jam in the bottom of the sixth inning against South Boulder.

On a extremely hot afternoon the Tri-Lakes All Stars were in a jam in the bottom of the sixth inning against South Boulder. Bases were loaded and Christian Holden(Pitcher) came to stop this rally. There were no outs and the outfielders( Bradley King LF, Jojo Dicke CF, and Parker Gregory RF) all played in close, about 15 feet from the infield. Then the first pitch was off, it hit the outside of Joshua Hodgson’s glove(Catcher) and went to the backstop. The Pitcher raced home and the Catcher scrambled back for the ball but it was too late, the run had scored from third. South Boulder won and the final score was 7 to 6. Tri Lakes were going home, and South Boulder is taking on Grand Junction. To get to state you had to go through District first. This is what happened. The first game was against Cherry Creek the team that won it last year. However, this timeTri-Lakes won 11 to 10. In the bottom of the 5th inning there was a lightning delay. When the delay was over we were back on the field with the score of 11 to 2, Tri-Lakes in the lead. Cherry Creek came back with eight runs that inning than we stopped them there. It was such a relief. Then Game two was against the winner of Ken Karl and Arapahoe. Arapahoe had won so we were taking them on. The score turned out to be 6 to 5, Tri-Lakes had won by a walk off single by Jonathan Behm. Game three was the semi-finals and we were facing another team that had been undefeated like us. The final score was 1 to 0, with the Tri-Lakes win. The other team was Colorado Springs and now Tri-Lakes was the only undefeated team in the District. But the thing is this is double elimination so a few teams have already been eliminated. Colorado Springs or Cherry Creek will be in the Championship game against Tri-Lakes. On game four of the Championship game, Colorado Springs faced us. In the third inning Tri-Lakes was losing 3 to 2, until Bradley King from the Tri-Lakes All Stars came up. There was a runner on third and second with two outs. On a 1-2 count Bradley doubled and it scored in two runs which gave us the lead 4 to 3. Then Parker knocked Bradley in with a single which made it 5 to 3. The final score was 13 to 3, Tri-Lakes. Out of nine All Star teams Tri-Lakes won District 5, the first time since 1995. Game 1 of the State Tournement Tri-Lakes won 8 to 7 over South Boulder with five runs in the last inning. Game 2 was against Grand Junction which Tri-Lakes lost 13 to 8. Then Game 3 was against South Boulder again which we lost 7 to 6 with a run given up in the last inning.