White Fence Farm


Zack Frongillo writes, Resonantly I visited the White Fence Farm.

Resonantly I visited the White Fence Farm. You are most likely thinking that this is about food, well you are wrong. This is more about the Art Work and Architecture. Sure the food was good. I interviewed a woman named Lori. She said,I loved the food and service, but randomly added, they should use real mash potatoes as apposed to instant ones.” When my family and I were seated I automatically noticed the beautiful paintings. In front of me laid four gorgeous paintings. Michael Regan an Assistant Manager who worked there for 10 years said, These Paintings were owned by the original family who created the White Fence Farm. The paintings date back to the mid 1700’s. I also learned that all the paintings were all of the family of the creator. This was told to me by the new Owner Mike Wuestner. He also told me that,” The building is half new and half old. For example the Wall Paper. It is a mix of old and new.” So the next time you are going out with the family suggest the White Fence Farm.