Bear in The House!


Julia Foran writes, CRASH.

CRASH. I wake up and look around. It’s two in the morning. I hear a slam against the wall near the stairs. “Take it easy, Eddie!” cried my mother. My dad was hitting a broomstick against the wall. She hurried into my room, “There’s a bear in the house.” she said. “What?? No…” I replied tiredly. I heard plastic being knocked over in the kitchen. I leaped up, turned on the lights and locked my door. What about Bella? What about Jazz and Ivie? I wondered, really worried about my puppy and two birds. There was a sharp knock on the door, “Julia, get in to my room.” said my mom. I opened the door and found my dad listening intently to the activity downstairs. I shut all the doors, peeked in to the upstairs bathroom and saw my birds sleeping, thank god. When I walked in to my parents room I saw Bella leaning against my dad’s side table. I went over to her and hugged her. She was shaking so hard, and her heart was pounding really fast. I held her in my arms as my mom called the police. Minutes went by, and sounds continued to come from the downstairs. We heard the police come by, and talked to them through the window. “Is the front door open?” called my mom. “No.” they replied.”Windows?””No.””Then it must be the back door.”The police got in to our house, and we realized that the bear had already left. The floor was full of muddy bear prints, windows with slimy nose prints, and the fridge was open. He didn’t damage anything or make a huge mess, he didn’t take much food either. He took a package of hummus and mozzarella cheese. Our back door has to be closed really tight, even if you lock it it will still open if you’re not careful. My dog’s bed was right next to the door when the bear came in, Bella was the only one who saw the bear. The night after, we knew that the bear would be back. So we locked all the windows, locked all the doors… and just to be safe, I put a chair up against the back door. At midnight I heard car doors slamming and I looked out my window. Police were walking around the neighborhood with tranquilizer guns. The bear was back, and he probably went after somebody else’s house, or ate grease from the barbeque.Bears never used to break in to houses, but now they do it more and more… who knows why? I actually felt bad for the bear in my house, he would come back again and again and he will probably be killed when he gets to “strike three.” Here are some things you can do to protect your house and the bears.- Shut all your windows and lock them, bears can push them in.- Lock all the doors, and make sure they are completely closed.- Get a bear-proof trash can to protect the bear from trash.What to do when a bear is in your house?- Get all the family members (and pets) in one room.- Call the police immediately.- DO NOT APPROACH THE BEAR.