Bringing The Zoo to You


Sophia Becker writes, The Denver Zoo takes animals all over the area…

The Denver Zoo takes animals all over the area, to different classrooms and Senior Centers, just to educate them about animals. “It’s so different when you’re up-close and personal”, said Patty Anderson, the Education Lead Keeper at the Zoo. And it is. I was there on the 28th of July, and got a behind-the-scenes tour of the Education Department. Time sped by so fast!I got to feel a Shingleback Skink, which felt like a pinecone, but a lot harder. We soon went on to see the Kookaburras, who refused to make any noise, despite being very loud earlier.We then continued on into the next room, where there was a little white pigeon that kept strutting back and forth by the window, checking out the sunshine. There was also a little Prairie Dog there, named Digger. Digger had completely torn up the newspaper in his cage, rightfully suiting his name. He was taken out by another keeper to be transferred to a smaller cage, while she cleaned out his normal one. Before putting him in, she gave his little chin an affectionate scratch.Patty soon led me around back, where there were even more animals! There was a little tortoise crawling around by a box of food there, probably wanting to eat it. Patty continued on, and showed me a porcupine in a little cage [I didn’t pet her].Then we went further back, where there was an anteater in her big cage. Patty told me while I was feeding the anteater out of my bare hands that when an anteater finds a termite colony, it will eat some of the termites, but not all, so the termites can repopulate, and the anteater can come back for another feast. Pretty smart, huh?The Denver Zoo takes very good care of their animals, and their diets, trying to make them as close as they would be as if they were in the wild. There is a lot of variety, like it would be in the wild. They take very good care of everything and everyone.