Colorado Plains Not So Plain After All!


Gavin Pero writes, In the plains, there is lots of wildlife to see.

In the plains, there is lots of wildlife to see. From hummingbirds to robins and finches, there are tons of birds. As for land animals, there are bison, and cows. And don’t even get me started on flowers! I saw so many, that I thought the grass was a whole bunch of colors! It was almost like somebody spray painted the ground! While I was spending time on the ranch, I was taking care of dogs too. Where I was staying, they had two dogs that I helped feed, walk, and play with. We let them run around in the fields and when the bison got close, the dogs barked and barked but the bison just ate and stared. I could see Pikes Peak from their backyard! It was huge and when I say huge I mean REALLY HUGE!! Okay, sorry for the all caps thing, I got a little carried away. Anyway, where was I. . . . oh yeah, the mountain, right. I had a great time at the plains and I want to go again sometime. I think you should go too, and maybe I’ll see you! Okay, I was kidding, but seriously go.