A Hobby That Smells Good?


Ashley Bavero writes, For some, gardening is a hobby during the summer.

For some, gardening is a hobby during the summer. Thats the case for many ,who enjoy the crisp scent of flowers or their beautiful essence. So many different flowers can lead to a tough choice.Although not all gardens are just flowers, some are fruits, vegetables, and sometimes both! As different shades of green and alll the colors of the rainbow fill front and backyards. Everyone has their favorites, based on scents, color, looks,and even height, as some plants can grow up to three, four, or six feet high!In my opinion the best part is getting to cut some down and put them in a vase thatway you have the beauty and lovely scent in your home or where ever you find a good place to put them.However flowers have a downside such as one certain insect… BEES! This insect comes with a stinger so unfortunetly, you have to be careful when picking your flowers but if you don’t bug them it’s unlikely that they will sting you. Another downside of flowers is that some of them come with a prickley guest, thorns. Most of the time thorns only come on roses.I recommend that you try having a garden it’s a litttle late now but theres always next summer. My only advice is WATER, WEED, AND ENJOY!