Scared of School?


Sophia Becker writes, We all know that school is coming.

We all know that school is coming. So naturally, we’re all nervous. A new year, a fresh start. Well hopefully, this article will have you at ease in time for school starting.If you find yourself in these situations, remember these tips:You’re in a class with nobody you know very well, and you’re freaked out. Who’ll be your friend this year?First, you can find someone that you know, or at least know their name. I mean, come on, there’s got to be ONE person that you can name.Second, IF there are no people you know, then introduce yourself. Just go up to somebody, and say “Hi.” It’s not as hard as it seems.You could also just wait for someone to introduce themselves. Somebody’s bound to do it sometime.Or maybe just wait for that time when the teacher wants everyone to introduce themselves. If you’re a new kid, the teacher will introduce you to the class.You’re afraid you’ll forget something REALLY important. What do you do NOW?Put all your things in one spot. If everything is in one place (next to your backpack), you CAN’T forget anything.Get everything ready the night before. If you have all of your stuff, then you won’t be rushing around on the first day.Know what you’re going to wear. It’s always comforting to know that you look great. This gives you a boost in confidence, which might get you some friends.Know your parents’ phone numbers. This way, you can always ask to call home if you really DID forget something important!You have an awful teacher who ABSOLUTELY hates you. What next?Focus on the good stuff. If you be positive about your awful teacher, maybe she’ll seem a little better.Smile. If you think she hated you on first sight, then smile, be an angel, and be super nice to her.Get those A’s. Do your best to get good grades (Teachers love teaching!).If all else fails, get help!!!Hopefully, you’ve gotten information, and you’ll keep it in mind as the school year starts!