The Wild West is Back!


Ira Tandon writes, The Wild West has come back to town- or actually back to Wyoming, that is!

The Wild West has come back to town- or actually back to Wyoming, that is! With bull riding and steer wrestling, you don’t just have to be a cowboy fan to enjoy this rodeo. The Cheyenne Frontier Days in Wyoming is an amazing, breathtaking experience – you are able to see the performances that most people can only watch on television or in movies. This year, being its 114 th annual celebration, over 1,000 contestants participated in the 10-day rodeo (held July 24-August 1). There are 11 events in total, including steer roping, women’s barrel racing, and a wild horse race – all of which are equally fun to watch. My favorite part was the bull riding. Every moment was action-packed and full of danger as the battle between the bull and the rider raged on until the rider either got off or was unsuccessfully thrown off. But that wasn’t all that we got to see.Similar to bull riding, saddle bronc riding is a dangerous game where a contestant rides on a horse, while the horse bucks in an attempt to throw off the rider. The record set in 2004 by Ryan Mapston was 90 points and was equaled by Chet Johnson 2009- but never beaten. Not until now. Cody DeMoss, one of this year’s participants, broke the record with an unexpected total of 91 points. His performance had you on the edge of your seat, waiting to see what happened next. It was truly a remarkable show, and he definitely deserved the $13,119 he won.Held every year since 1897, Cheyenne Frontier Days is thought to be one of the main rodeos, and winning it is something that will take you to the championships – perhaps that is why it never refuses to please the audience. Overall, this is truly a show worth watching-for anyone and everyone, not just boys or Wild West fans.