Candy for Cancer


Beatrice Drew writes, I stepped back as the strong smell of peppermint hit my nose.

I stepped back as the strong smell of peppermint hit my nose. We (Me, John Putt, a paramedic and Eric Schultz, a EMS lieutenant, and Sandy Danne) were visiting Hammond’s Candy Factory to watch pink and white lolly pops be made, as we did, Danne told me the history of the pink fire truck. It started in Arizona when some firemen wanted to honor women with Breast Cancer, so they bought a old fire truck, painted it pink and went all around Arizona to have survivors of Cancer sign the truck, and buy pink candy! The event grew, and they went from Arizona, to the whole USA, and from one fire truck to four! The pink firetruck will be here in Denver, CO on August 19th, at Hammond’s Candy Factory. They will be selling the pink candy, and you may get to even met the firefighters!!! We continued watching as one of the workers rolled up the bubble gum flavored candy. It looked like a giant pink-and-white round candy bar! The group outside looked on with astounding faces. One kid had a Why-is-a-fireman-making-candy? face.”want to try a piece?” John Putt asked me. I nodded and he handed me a leftover. One of them asked if they recycled the left overs. “yes, we do.” and the worker showed them a box probably full of left over candy. Finally, the peppermint scent and heat got to overpowering and we had to leave, but, not without candy, of course!