Washington, DC All the Way From Colorado!!!


Have you ever been to Washington, DC on Independence Day? If so, you probably know about the parade called the National Independence Day Parade.

Have you ever been to Washington, DC on Independence Day? If so, you probably know about the parade called the National Independence Day Parade. It is in Washington, District of Columbia (DC) and it is to celebrate Independence Day every year.


In it, only one of two groups representing Colorado was The Foster Elementary Circus Arts Team from Arvada, CO. The people on this team can (not all, though some) ride on unicycles. These are bikes that are about 5 ft. tall that are called giraffe unicycles. Many can also do things on walking and jumping stilts like, surprisingly, walking on jumping stilts and jumping on walking stilts. Some of these next things are easy to do, but hard to get good at. For example, the diablos, or, Chinese yo-yos. Also, the angel sticks, also known as devil sticks or spinning sticks. You can also say that for spinning plates on a stick. Just in case you were wondering, they are not Mom's very special extremely fragile plates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They also can walk and do tricks on two foot tall non-hollow plastic globes. Do not try to walk on your classroom's world globe, because the ones you can walk on aren't those kinds of globes. They can also jump on pogo sticks, which most people say they look as if they are made of scooter parts!! Very few, only about 5, can ride "rip sticks", a two wheeled skateboard with a small pole running down the center that is visible in the middle. They can juggle various items: juggling scarves, which look like they are thin washcloths with holes close together that are about the size of a needle hole; bean bags; balls, as in bean bag balls and tennis balls; and clubs, which are like bowling pins. They juggle up to three, mixed or matched items. And all can ride "clown bikes", or super-small bikes (but not microscopic).


In the parade, to lead the team was a ten foot long banner announcing the team and where it is from. Next, there were the clown bikes riding back and forth across the six to seven-lane (seven for the left-turn lane) Constitution Avenue. Then, for a while you could've seen regular unicycles doing multiple tricks: riding in a line while linking arms, "The Star" (linking hands in the center and riding around in a circle) etc. Then, there were giraffe unicycles after a pretty big space (in case anyone went too far up or vice versa) doing mostly the same things as the regular unicycles. On one side, there was a performance of one set of angel sticks; and, on the other, the invisible dog chased after someone who was sharing equipment and wasn't on it right then.


And, unfortunately, every end has to come, and the little red steel wagon was it for The Circus Arts Team, carrying supplies like extra water. It was a 100+ degree day. At the end, they rounded the corner of Constitution and 17 th and got water bottles and cups of Gatorade from the table that was giving them away.


So, be sure to watch for the Foster Circus Arts Team other places, including the Golden Auto Show, The Denver St. Patrick's Day Parade, Arvada Harvest Festival, Golden Christmas Parade, and others!!!