Super Spying


Stephanie McMahon writes, Ally Carter…

Ally Carter, author of the best selling Gallager Girls series, recently visited Colorado on her tour for her new book Only The Good Spy Young. Ally was born in Oklahoma and later went on to to study Agricultural Economics at Oklahoma St. University and Cornell University. Ally’s books focus on high school student Cammie (The Chameleon) Morgan who attends the Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women, a.k.a. Spy School. In I’d Tell You I Love You But Then I’d Have To Kill You, you meet Cammie and her friends Rebecca “Bex” Baxter, Elizabeth “Liz” Sutton and Macey McHenry. All Cammie wants is a normal year at the Gallagher Academy, which isn’t easy when you go to a school for spies. Just when Cammie thinks that this year might just be easy, her world is flipped upside down when she meets the adorable, and normal, Josh. What happens when spy girl meets normal boy? Sneaking out, hiding out and lots of spying. Cammie’s adventures continue in Ally’s second book Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy. (“It was my nervous breakdown book”, Ally says,”Sometimes I would just write, Then a bomb went off in the basement and everyone died. The end.”) Cammie and her friends are back at Gallagher Academy after break, but something is just not right. Her mom is keeping secrets. What else is a spy girl to do but figure out her mom’s secret? In Don’t Judge A Girl By Her Cover,Cammie and her friends have more secrets to uncover. But this time they’re not only her mom’s secrets, they’re also her CIA aunt’s secrets. Cammie’s never been used to being in the dark so what else can she do but get out of it. In Ally’s latest book Only The Good Spy Young, Cammie and her friends are more in the dark then ever. They can’t get out of the Gallagher Mansion to figure out what they’re missing and no one can get in.She and her friends are going to have to get down and get dirty to figure out the truth, before someone else does. Q and A with Ally Q: What first inspired you to be a writer? A: Reading “The Outsiders”. Q: Did you ever wish the Gallagher Academy was real? A: Always! I think it would be an incredible place to visit.