Writing Becomes “Hot” for Youth at the Lighthouse


To most kids writing and summer don't go hand and hand.

To most kids writing and summer don't go hand and hand. In fact most students not going to school during the days of sunshine expect the days away from school to be relaxing, taking trips, and swimming in the pool with their school friends. Well when you attend the Lighthouse Writers camp this is not the case. Writing is shown from a different perspective and in a new way that is fun for everyone that participates!For once the metaphor "Opportunity will knock" comes alive more than ever! When your fist hits the wooden door you are literally "knocking" for opportunity. When I went my breath was taken away by what was inside. Although it may look like an ordinary house from the outside or perhaps a mere summer camp when inside your assumptions will prove you to be incorrect. The house holds more history then you would ever imagine. The house has been the home to many and upon a glance at the first sights that awaits you when walking in you'll know what I mean.


The house has hallways that are filled with posters and pieces of writing written by past writers who have come to camp are hung. You would never get bored if you didn't have a book handy when waiting for the session to begin for books bulge out of every shelf that appears. And the people that have lived in the house before it became a camp have left evidence of what the house was like everywhere such as the attic which used to hold a broken down cart which you would strap yourself to it and push it down the tunnel where it would go speeding down the track and end at a room a couple hallways away. You would open the door to find yourself about ten feet up with a latter to help you get down. No kidding!You wouldn't expect yourself to bump into a secret stair case either which leads to the kitchen if you happen to want a snack. These are just some of the surprises you would come across at Lighthouse. But more are on the way like the writing its self taught by only the best instructors, most of them writers, who have wrote books of their own.


A typical day begins in the room which you would enter the front door to find on your left filled with comfortable couches and chairs and for those who arrive later a floor with a rug perfect for kneeling in front of the white board which will have the morning's prompt written. Then it's up to the writers to come up with a piece of writing responding to the prompt in front of them. Then its wherever they are writing in the house that day in a snap of your fingers for work and ambitions are to be accomplished. After that the morning's session starts with other young writers beside you. A half a day flies by faster then you can count full of lessons, assignments, free writing periods, revisions, and work shared with others. The students work hard all morning. After stopping quickly for lunch students have brought they're back at it again until it's time to go home with their minds full.


After going a week like this, Friday is a reading at the Tattered Cover. Writers choose their best piece of writing from the week and read it in front of parents and friends who get to see what the students have been working on all week. Writers are often sad to see the camp end but know that next year they can return and be taught once again by Lighthouse a camp to be never forgotten by whoever comes.