Cross Country: What is it All About?


Sophia Becker writes, The beginning of the school year is when sports usually start…

The beginning of the school year is when sports usually start, and when kids are wondering and debating whether or not to join the teams. Well, that was me a little while ago, debating whether or not to join the Cross Country team at my school. I had almost no idea what happens in Cross Country, except for the running part. Well, if you’re someone like me who’s wondering, too, then this explanation will help.Cross Country is NOT track. My team never uses the track at our school. Cross Country is long distance running that requires stamina and determination. You run far, and not as fast. For instance, all of the meets we have on my Cross Country team are a mile to a mile and a half long. Yes, it’s hard to run a mile at a time, but, at the end of the race, no matter if you win or lose, there’s this nice feeling of satisfaction within you when you’re done. You know on the inside that you’ve just done something that even adults would be reluctant to do. And that’s just awesome.Cross Country also happens to be a great way to get fit. Because of Cross Country practices after school, I’m getting a lot more fit. A sport is a big commitment, but it will pay off in the end.Joining ANY sports team has its pluses and minuses, but, no matter how hard it may seem at the start, you should give it your best shot. Cross Country is one of these, and it should be given some good thought before you decide you want to, but it’s fun in the end!