The Star Next Door


Megan Burt is a twenty-six year old musician from Denver CO. Megan plays the piano, guitar, and she sings.

Megan Burt is a twenty-six year old musician from Denver CO. Megan plays the piano, guitar, and she sings. She went to the Berkeley School of Music in Boston, MA where she graduated and went on to perform in places from small coffee shops to our own Red Rocks theater. Megan started baby-sitting for me when she was 11 years old and has kept in touch with us ever since. Until she moved off to college she lived in a big blue house one block down from me where her parents still live now but she still visits them every now and then. As an artist Megan performs around 100 shows per year, which is a lot to handle! The reason Megan plays her music is to share her talent with the people who watch her and to give back to them she takes requests, remembers names,and show her appreciation towards them. That is what she thinks people like in an artist.


Megan plays in many different places like music clubs with stage lights and a music man,and sometimes private parties like in someones home or party. She also plays in music festivals,and one time she was a "paid busker" so she set up camp on the corner in a art district and played music for people who walked by. One time Megan had the honor of playing at Red Rocks Theater where all of her heroes have played and under the stage is a room where all of those artists signed there name on the wall. And her name is there too!


In the future Megan would like to perform in places like Madison Square Garden,The Gorge,she would also like to tour in places like Europe, Asia, and Australia. About 2 years ago Megan started to teach me and all other kids in Denver different instruments. Another thing I loved about having her as our friend was that about once every two months we got to see her perform. Two of the concerts that I remember the most are when we went down to her house to celebrate her parents' anniversary, her brother's graduation from cost guard school, and her birthday. The other was when she sang a song at a charity event in Red Rocks Theater.


So if you ever hear of Megan Burt performing in town go see her because you won't regret it.