Clowning Around: Seriously.


Circus Arts is a team that meets every morning at Foster Elementary School.

Circus Arts is a team that meets every morning at Foster Elementary School. It all got started when the current gym teacher at Foster, Greg Aigner, started teaching at Swanson Elementary and started a circus arts program. A former music teacher at Foster, Molly Niven, had started a circus arts program at Foster around the same time. When Mr. Aigner also started teaching at Foster, he combined his program with Ms. Niven's and from then on, Mr. Aigner has run the Foster Elementary Circus Arts Team.


Why have a Circus Arts Team? Mr. Aigner says "For the kids to have fun, get exercise, and have a chance to perform."The Circus Arts Team is in many parades and performances. Mr. Aigner's favorite performance Circus Arts has ever done is The National Independence Day Parade in 2010, where Circus Arts was one of only two groups representing Colorado!


Circus Arts equipment includes unicycles, as well as tall ones, called giraffe unicycles, which are some of the hardest to get good at. Diablos, or Chinese yo-yos, and angel sticks, also known as devil sticks or spinning sticks, are also fairly challenging. Spinning plates on a stick is a common trick. Walking globes, two-foot-tall non-hollow plastic spheres is one of the easiest to get good at. Pogo sticks are also quite easy. Ripsticks are two-wheeled skateboards, which less people on the team can do than the giraffe unicycle!


Most kids in Circus Arts can juggle various items: juggling scarves, bean bags, bean bag balls, tennis balls, and clubs. They juggle up to three mixed or matched items. All can ride "clown bikes," or super-small bikes. Circus Arts has some new equipment this year: glowing angel sticks, glowing diablos, and glowing juggling balls, which means a glow-in-the-dark show in the school talent show!


The Circus Arts Team will soon be performing in The Arvada Harvest Festival Parade, September 11, 2010 at 9:00 am. (See link below).For more information, please visit Arvada Harvest Festival Parade Site.