How about a Library for a Change?


Kaley Barnes writes, Have you been to the terrific new Anythink Wright Farms library?

Have you been to the terrific new Anythink Wright Farms library? Chandra Jones, the progect manager for the library states “instead of just dropping your items into a slot in the wall, you can feed them to our sorting machine, which takes your books and movies immediately off your card and then, behind the wall, sorts the items into different bins like, kids books, fiction, non-fiction, and DVD’s.” Wright Farms also has new library cards! Instead of boring old rectangular, they’re a unique oval shape and come in black, red, or blue with clouds.If you’re under 16, to get a library card, all you have to know is your birthday, the year you were born, your home address, and your phone number. Don’t worry about the cost because library cards are free. It isn’t just books they provide. The library includes DVD’s and CD’s too. Have you ever wondered how the library gets all of its books? They have four people who have full time jobs to pick the perfect books for the library! 58,000 customers check out those books, and more people are getting library cards. Construction began May 28, 2009 through June 2010, causing the library to be opened on July 10, 2010. This tremendous library cost $15.7 million. Crazy, but it all payed off in the end. Anythink libraries are not organized by the Dewey Decimal system. Actually, it’s more like a bookstore, and is sorted by categories. It’s much easier to find a book for customers who don’t know how to use the Dewey Decimal system. As an example of the fun stuff they do at Wright Farms, their summer reading program provided a scrapbook and pages. You could come in and make a scrap book of books you read, vacations, etc. People loved this unique idea for kids. The library was thinking again! One day stop in and look at this cozy library.