To be a Rockstar These Days


Samantha Schmidt writes, Every kid wants to be famous, either being an actor, singer, guitarist, ect.

Every kid wants to be famous, either being an actor, singer, guitarist, ect. But as you start to get older, you realize that being famous isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Looking at magazines, you see the gossip and drama written about your favorite ‘star’ and many thoughts go through your head. “Is this true? How did he/she get to be like this?” or even “why would they write something so rude about such a great person?” Famous actors and singers who were popular with everyone a few years ago now are thought of as ugly and no good. But you also wonder how they went from amazing to just a name in a magazine. There is a lot of pressure put on a famous person’s shoulders when they enter the harsh world of popularity. Every day they have to look amazing, act like everyone else, and try to not make a fool of themselves in front of the media. Their clothes have to be up to style, their music has to catch the audience’s attention and everything has to be perfect! But, unfortunately, there is no such thing as being perfect. One mistake that the media catch, it seems it is posted in the next issue of a popular magazine. Now your little blunder on stage or on the streets is in print all around the world for millions to read! Sometimes one little mistake can ruin their career. People in the audience may start to realize that you aren’t as good as you use to be, so they stop buying your CDs and quiet watching your movies. Your popularity dwindles down to almost nothing, and your life is changed.You have so much money, and all you can do with it is spend it on material stuff such as televisions or items you don’t need. Sometimes the world gets to you and you do stuff that you regret later. Many stars nowadays are resorting to drugs to stop the pressure of the world and life, and sometimes that takes their life away. You wonder why a great person did drugs and died, even after their life was perfect! One example is Elvis Presley. The most popular singer of his time, but his life ended with an overdose from drugs. As you can see, life in a star’s world isn’t perfect and can be harder than you imagined. They have to deal with the media and they have very little privacy in their lives. So before you start criticizing an actor or singer for some silly thing they did, think about the trouble they have to go through in their lives, and give them a break, because life is never perfect.