Fitness for Everyone and Anytime


Amalia Rolf writes, Fitness isn’t just during sports or P.

Fitness isn’t just during sports or P.E. Fitness and exercise is easy and fun you can start as little as games like playing tag. Playing tag everyone running and getting active it is an easy way to have fun and keep in shape. You can also have a mini camp(i.e. football camps with the tires). Exercise camps are not just for guys, girls can do them too. It is easy all you really need are big tubes or a hoola-hoops. All you have to do is set them up in two lines and use each foot on each side and run through them. There are many ways to keep in shape and it doesn’t neccisarily mean hard work. Start easy with the fun games like kickball or baseball. Don’t be afraid to get out and get active by yourself bring a dog or just and ipod and run and play.