Fun + Historical = Potato Day


Joey Murphy writes, Eating a freshly baked potato…

Eating a freshly baked potato, listening to some old fashion music, and learning all about Greeley sounds like a great way to spend your Saturday afternoon. If you were at Potato Day on Sept. 11 then you did! Potato Day was a fun festival celebrated at Centennial Village. Weather you were doing fun activities, taking a tour of a house, or just relaxing in the sun, by the most beautiful flowers, Potato Day was a day for everyone! You are probably thinking it is pretty odd to celebrate potatoes at a Museum. Well the reason they did is because in the mid 1800s a popular harvest was potatoes. People started to celebrate potatoes in the Greeley area. Centennial Village has carried on this tradition as a fundraiser each year. At Centennial Village there were a lot of houses that you could tour. Weather it was a rich families house or a poor one it always had something fascinating in it. Something that I found interesting was that when you took a bath you shared the water with your family and with that same water you did the dishes and washed your clothes. Something I didn’t know was that when company came over or your grandparents would spend the night they would get the kids room and the kids would sleep in the attic. There were so many fun activities that you could have done at Potato Day. Some of the popular activities were corn grinding and washing socks. The really fun part about washing socks was that when you wrung the socks out it looked so cool to see all the water just came right out of the sock. Though the music and the food pulled it all together. The best part about Potato Day was that while you were there you got to enjoy a big, freshly baked potato!