Paramore at Red Rocks


Devlin Barron writes, On September 13 th I went to the best concert ever.

On September 13 th I went to the best concert ever. It was the Honda Civic tour 2010 featuring Paramore, Teagan and Sara, New Found Glory and Kadawatha.On our way to Red Rocks Amphitheater we stopped to grab dinner at Willy Wings. I recommend this place to everyone; the wings are delicious.When we got to the concert, Kadawatha was finishing their last song called Agape. When they ended I went up to the highest part of the stadium and got a free air brush tattoo that said Paramore. If you know about the Honda Civic tour, then you’ll know that the main band (Paramore) gets to design their own car and this time a motorcycle too. I got to see the car and motorcycle up close, they both were really cool.After about ten minutes New Found Glory stared to get the crowd pumped up. When it started to get dark, New Found Glory’s performance was done. When it got really dark, people came around selling these cool light up devil horns and bunny ears. Suddenly lights flashed and Teagan and Sara came out jamming on there guitars. By now the whole stadium was filled with people dancing along. My favorite song they sang was Alligator which was a dance song.After a long intermission, lights came on and there was a curtain in front of the stadium. A guitarist started playing and the curtain dropped literally. Paramore was on stage and started to play. Everyone stood up to listen and dance. Paramore played a long list of songs and then they left the stage. Everyone screamed Par-a-more Par-a -more. Eventually they came back out and picked someone to come up on stage and sing with them. They played two more songs and then sparks and leaves came down on the stage. This time they were really done.I would recommend going to this concert to anyone who likes rock and a good time.