Go for a Roll with the Denver Roller Dolls


Kaley Barnes writes, One of the hottest sports for girls right now is roller derby.

One of the hottest sports for girls right now is roller derby. Strap on your roller skates if you’re a Bad Apple, a Green Barrette, or a Shotgun Bettie!! These are the amusing names of the three teams in the Denver Roller Dolls league. The Denver Roller Dolls was started by 20 passionate skaters back in December 2005. I got a chance to meet one of the founders, Rebecca Jessie ( a.k.a. Atomic Fire). She has been playing for five years, and learned about it from one of her friends. Going to a “bout” is interesting and crazy. There’s music playing and people yelling for their favorite team. “The game is played in two 30 minute periods. The periods are split up into what we call ‘jams’ that can last as long as two minutes. At the start of the jam, five players from each team step onto the track. Each team has 4 blockers, and a jammer. The blockers from both teams form what we call a ‘pack.’ The jammers, identified by the star on their helmet, will start the jam behind the pack. On the first whistle, the blockers are able to go, on the second whistle, the jammers race to get through the pack. After they break through, they continue to race around the track to catch up with the pack again. The jammers score points for their team by legally passing players on the opposing team,” explained Jessie. “So, basically, it is a race between the two jammers to lap the pack as many times as they can in two minutes. The more the opponents they are able to pass, the more points they can score. The players on their team help them, while the opponents do everything they can to prevent the opposing team’s jammer from moving forward and scoring points,” Atomic Fire told me. The captains for the teams are Bea Ware and Fonda Payne (Bad Apples), Rockscar and Kendra Blood (Green Barrettes), and Juska and Judo No (Shotgun Betties). If you want to find out more about these players go to denverrollerdolls.org The Denver Roller Dolls aren’t all bad. They help a charity group called Project Angel Heart. This provides nutritious meals for those who are extremely ill. They provide 400,000 meals for about 1,600 clients for free. Better hurry and get to the last bout, which will be the championship on October 16, 2010 – this will be a rematch of the 2009 championship – the Shotgun Betties vs. the Bad Apples! Try and make it out to the FirstBank Center in Broomfileld, to see this extremely interesting new sport.