Undoubtedly the first thing on a kids wish list


Gavin Pero writes, Hello, young secret agents!

Hello, young secret agents! If you wanted a way to spy on your older sister without leaving your room, your wish just came true! A few months ago, Spy Gear released a new toy called a Spy Video TRAKR that does just that. It is basically a remote controlled RC car that can drive around the house by your command. And get this, there is a screen on the controller that sees out of a camera on the front of the car in color! The car includes three apps built into it called Cyborg Vision where you can see in red, Night Vision, and Path Mapper where you can record a path for your car to follow. It also comes with a yellow USB cable that you can plug into your computer to download more apps from the Spy Gear website. And, if you have a free Spy Gear account, you can download and share apps that you create using the websites App Builder. Make sure you read the instructions though, because one wrong thing can haywire the system. If you’re planning on getting it, it costs about $120.00. To download the apps, go to spytrakr.com