Secretariat: The WOW Horse


In the movie, "Secretariat," miracles are no big deal.

In the movie, "Secretariat," miracles are no big deal. This true story about the amazing horse Secretariat and his determined owner, Penny Chennery Tweedy,(played by Diane Lane) rates five stars in my book. Secretariat's parents were Something Royal and BoldRuler, two horses who each had their own gift. One had speed and the other had stamina. Penny was the only person who saw the potential for Secretariat to become a champion racehorse because of this extraordinary combination. Penny Tweedy's grit to make Secretariat a champion was not really appreciated when she walked into a men's club saying she had a winning foal, but that didn't stop her from following her ambition.


During this exhilarating movie I almost jumped up and roared"What happens next?!" I especially wanted to do this during the suspenseful racing scenes. It was almost like I was sitting on the horse's broad back,clinging to the pro jockey's vibrant satin uniform.


If you liked the movie "Racing Stripes" or if you just love horses, I think you would adore this rated PG movie. To learn even more about the gripping story of Sectretariat, after you love the movie, I recommend that you read the article about him published in TIME magazine on June 11,1973.