Squabba Laba Haba


Kimberly Cuthbertson writes, Once there lived a alien named Squabba Laba Haba.

Once there lived a alien named Squabba Laba Haba. When he was little his mom and dad went missing they said they left for a new life, an new planet, though he didn’t believe it. His aunt took him to her house to live with her. So one day he went to look for them. Now, where he lives half of the planet was dark and half was light. Everybody said that the light side was good and the dark was “haunted.” Of course everyone lived on the light side. He told his aunt he was going to go look for them. She said be back before dinner or his dinner would be cold.He got a bag and packed a bathchite, (flashlight) a blanket, and a snack, cheese and grapes, his favorite! He walked all the way to the “haunted” side. He took two steps into it and it was to dark to see anything. He turned hi bathchite on and it lit up the way. He was getting tired and was about to turn around, but he saw a green glow. He ran into it and heard voices. They said “Who is there”? He started crying. A door flew open, and it was his mom and dad. He was the happiest alien ever. The End!!!!!!!!!