Thats correct Alphie the Robot!


Jensina Bailly writes, I was able to review a new toy, Alphie the Robot.

I was able to review a new toy, Alphie the Robot. He is a small toy robot for younger kids. You put a card in his stomach, and then he gives you questions about the pictures on the card. Like if there were different pictures of different colored things, then something he might say is, “Find something that is RED!” Then you would push the button that is next to a picture that is red. It’s easy to work out, but some of the questions can be challenging for younger kids. Alphie helps them work out problems that they might find challenging somewhere else. He helps them learn and it is fun and encouraging!I really like how when you get an answer right, he rewards you by saying, “I knew you could do it!”, or “You are so smart!”. But when you get something wrong, he doesn’t say, “NO that’s wrong, you’re not smart!” He just says something like, “Oops, try again!” He acts like it’s no big deal, so kids won’t cry and give up. They won’t think it’s a big deal, because it’s not. When I first got Alphie, I was expecting a lot of packaging, like most big toys have, but when I opened him, I was surprised to find that there wasn’t very much packaging. Unlike most toys that are tied to the box with plastic, Alphie was tied to the box with string, which is much better for the earth. There wasn’t as much plastic all together either. Most of it was the box itself, but card board can be recycled. I tried Alphie out on my five, almost six, year old sister. Most of the questions were a little easier for her, but when I asked her, she said she liked him. When I came into her room the next day, she had made a bed for him, and acted like he was real. I remember always liking that feeling, when I had a toy that talked to me. I think Alphie is really nice, and most little kids would feel the same way my sister did. And he helps them learn, so kids will want to learn! There is one thing I noticed when I first got him, and that is he speaks in a robot voice. So he can be hard to understand. I had to help my sister a little on what he said, and some of the time, I couldn’t understand. So kids might sometimes get frustrated with him, because they can’t understand.Also, he is very loud. There is a volume button, but only two switches, one for really loud, and one for not as loud. The smaller one is still very loud, and it can get a little annoying for people that aren’t playing with him. All in all, I think Alphie is a really fun toy, and is great for younger kids! I think that he is a little hard for three year olds, and easy for six year olds, so I would say that he is best for three to five year old kids.