Have you heard about CrossFit Kids?


CrossFit Kids is a fun way to stay fit and healthy. I have been training at CrossFit Littleton for the past 5 months.

CrossFit Kids is a fun way to stay fit and healthy. I have been training at CrossFit Littleton for the past 5 months. We get to train with a large group of kids, 3 days a week, for an hour each session. Every day is an exciting new workout. My favorite workouts are CrossFit Baseball and CrossFit Dodgeball. They are really fun!


I was able to talk with the owner of CrossFit Littleton, Ian Starr about the kids program.


What is CrossFit Kids? CrossFit Kids is a core strength and conditioning program designed around the unique needs of children and teens. We train physical skills and movements including basic gymnastics, plyometric work, kettle bells, and running, all into one workout that's different every day.


Why should kids try CrossFit? Because it's really good for all aspects of their lives. It's good for their physical health and well being, makes kids strong, keeps them lean. When they come in here for CrossFit Kids they have a lot of energy; they can train and just get it out. When they go home to mom and dad they may a bit mellowed out, at school they may be able to focus a little better, and it just gives kids something that they need, a physical outlet and hard training.


What is a CrossFit Kids workout like? The class usually starts with skill work and basic movements and then it is combined in a game format at the end of the class. What types of skills do you learn?You learn a lot of different skills like power lifting, Olympic lifting, skills with the kettle bells, running and basic gymnastics. Other skills include things like body control and fine motor control. Generally we are always trying to train 10 attributes of athleticism such as coordination, agility, balance, speed and strength.


What age do you have to be to join? We start the CrossFit Kids at 5 years old and up. When kids reach 15 or 16 years old they can transition into the adult CrossFit class. We can scale the workout and modify things so that everyone can train.


Thanks Ian!I would encourage everyone to try CrossFit Kids. It's always something different, fun, and challenging. There are kids of all ages and skill levels. CrossFit Kids Littleton has free intro classes so that kids can try CrossFit and see what it's all about.


To learn more you can visit their website: CrossFit Littleton Kids