Young Writers Hone Skills with Author Carpinello


Did you ever wonder what happened to Guinevere before she married King Arthur?

Did you ever wonder what happened to Guinevere before she married King Arthur? Cheryl Carpinello tells one possibility in her book, "Guinevere: On the Eve of Legend." Twelve year old Guinevere doesn't want to get married. She wants to cling to hunting and playing with her young friend Cedwin. Her teacher, Merlin, has other ideas for her. He will try to guide Guinevere into adulthood.


Ms. Carpinello shared her book with a group of Girl Scouts in a special Council event. The event, "Write All About It" was aimed at helping girls to become better writers. During the 4 hour workshop, the girls did many things. They learned how to write poetry and then illuminate the manuscript. They write directions on how to dress a dragon and build a castle wall, read and wrote in runes, and play medieval games.


The highlight was working with the author to begin outlining a book of their own. Ms. Carpinello taught the girls the importance of using accurate historical information and provided the opportunity to research parts of their story during the workshop. They made up characters and learned how to make their names sound medieval. She explained how to make a great plot and helped the girls figure out how to create an ending that pulls all the parts of the story together.


Ms. Carpinello's advice for young writers was to write a lot, write about things you love and don't get discouraged. "It takes a long time," Ms. Carpinello said. "Guinevere took 5 years to get into publication."A high school English teacher, Ms. Carpinello is getting ready to publish her second book, "Young Knights of the Round Table: The King's Ransom." Continuing with her love of medieval times, the new book is about a prince, an apprentice, and an orphan taking up the Knight's Vow to prove the innocence of the Wild Man.


The "Write All About It" workshop was just one of many Girl Scout events that take place throughout the year. The girls who attended this workshop not only got a free copy of "Guinevere" but also earned a badge. To find out more information about Girl Scouts you can go to If you would like to buy a copy of the book, "Guinevere" you can go to Ms. Carpinello's website http:/