Party Away on Halloween!


Sophia Becker writes, Halloween is approaching quickly, but when it’s the 31st itself, the night takes forever to come.

Halloween is approaching quickly, but when it’s the 31st itself, the night takes forever to come. So, how about partying to pass the time with these ideas (some from the Family Fun magazine)? To start, invite guests and have them wear costumes (you can hold a contest). Make sure you have games ready to entertain everyone, like: Mummy Wrap–Split everyone into groups of a couple people each. Each group gets a roll of toilet paper. Challenge them to wrap one of their group members with toilet paper, from head to foot, wrapping the arms separately. Everyone should get a kick out of this game! Candy Corn Relay–Split everyone into two teams. Give each player their own spoon, and line them up. Across the room from and in front of the lines, place four bowls, one for each team, one for each side (the farthest two contain candy corn). Then, the players grip the wrong ends of their spoons between their teeth. All players (one at a time) go to their team’s further bowl and (only using spoons, and no hands) get as much candy corn as possible on their spoons, and bring that candy corn back to their team’s bowl. Once the teams have rid the further bowls of candy corn, they eat their candy! Freeze Dance–Everyone should know this! Put on Halloween dancing music (The Addams Family, Witch Doctor, etc.) and turn it on and off while everybody dances. When it’s turned off, everyone “freezes”. Whoever doesn’t freeze is out. You can also have it so that whoever is the first “out” becomes the judge–so everyone can enjoy! Blow-Ghosts–Make ghosts out of coffee filters and string. Then draw faces on the ghosts. Everyone gets a straw, then blows at the ghosts and tries to get them off the table. Make a few treats to surprise everybody with: Swamp Juice–Use food coloring to turn Gatorade green. Then, put a few gummy worms at the bottom for an extra swampy effect! Extreme Eyeballs–Cover doughnut holes with powdered sugar, and use red frosting for the arteries in the eyeball. Serve and enjoy! Go to for more ideas for your party!