Ten top ways to stay safe on halloween!


The leaves are falling and the season is changing.

The leaves are falling and the season is changing. Soon it will be Halloween – are you ready for Trick-or-Treating?You never know what will happen on Halloween so you need to always be safe and go with an adult you know and trust. If the light is on, go right ahead but if the light is off then the homeowners are probably done giving out candy for the night. Your house is your decorating place, but you should not touch other people's decorations. That is their property and decorating area. If no one is home they are usually trick-or -treating like you so if they leave candy out for you to take, grab only one because others would like to have candy too. Everyone wants different types of candy so be happy with what you get! When trick-or-treating, don't just ring the doorbell , say "trick-or-treat" or "happy halloween" because that is the Halloween spirit. Be polite! Some people may have the same costume as you or your friends, so don't get mad about it – have fun! And to be safe, don't go trick-or-treating late at night, it might be dangerous. It's almost Halloween, are you ready for a safe and fun-filled night?In summary,

1. Always go Trick or Treating with a parent.


2. If no one is home and they've left candy out, take only one piece.


3. Never touch anyone's decorations.


4. If the lights on a house are not on and they don't have out candy, don't ring the door bell.


5. If you don't get the candy you want, don't throw a fit!


6. Always say "trick or treat" or "happy halloween", because that is the right Halloween spirit!


7. Be polite.


8. Don't make fun of anyone's costume.


9. Never go trick or treating late at night.


10. Have lots of fun !