Top Ten Colorado Kids Choice Book Awards 2011


Ashley Bavero writes, Some of you may have read the books from “The Top Ten Colorado Choice Awards 2010” last year…

Some of you may have read the books from “The Top Ten Colorado Choice Awards 2010” last year, well now you can read the hottest new nominees this year! There are some amazing books this year that I can’t wait to read, maybe it’s the same case for you. I know that some elememtary schools show them in their libraries and some public libraries have them in the kids section. Now, for those of you who don’t know the nominees, here are their titles and authors:*11 Birthdays- Wendy Mass* Battle of the Red Hot Pepper Weenies- David Lubar* Capitol Ghost Mystery- Michelle Barone* Cracker! The Best Dog in Vietnam-Cynthia Kadohta* Last Olympian- Rick Riordan* Leanin Dog- K.A. Nuzum* Magiciams Elephant-Kate DiCamillo* Mysterious Benedict Society- Trenton Lee Stewart* Sent- Margaret Peterson Haddix* Zoo Break- Gordan KormanThese are the top ten nominees for 2011, but before you go running off to your local book stores and libraries there is some details you should know about these books. “Capitol Ghost Story” is reffering to the capitol of our very own Colorado! “Cracker!” is a little bit graphic and through the eyes of a dog it’s probaly best for children older than 9. “The Last Olympian” is the sequel to the “Lightning Theif.” ” Zoo Break” is the sequel to “Swindle.”Now that you know the scoop on these books, go to your library and see if they have a ballot or checklist for the books if not, go to and click on the link that says printable ballot. So hurry up and get to your library to check out one of these books and a ballot.