Growing Up


Ever wonder if your life is like a book?

Ever wonder if your life is like a book? In the witty series, "Eleven," "Twelve," "Thirteen" and "Thirteen Plus One," by Lauren Myracle, you get a sneak peek into the life of Winifred Perry, a pre-teen girl. Even though this is a fictional series, you get to see her family and their adventures. Through out the series, Winifred Perry(a.k.a. Winnie) deals with friend drama, boy drama and family drama. Winnie has one older sister and one little brother,who add to the chaos. I enjoy the humor and the relationships between the characters. A few weeks ago the most recent book in the series "Thirteen Plus One" was released. I can't wait to get my hands on a copy!


Can't get enough of Winnie? Go to to see her most recent books. Also, Lauren Myracle has written many other books including the TTYLseries and Luv Ya Bunches series. I recommend the series from girls who are 9 and up. Enjoy!