I Am The Messenger


Holly Anderson writes, “I’m not the messenger at all.

“I’m not the messenger at all. I am the message.” Markus Zusak summed up the book, ‘I am the messenger’ very well. Everything about the book made of 357 pages a week long read. Once the reader gets past the cursing, the book earns the honor award it was given.In the story a 20 year old cab driver named Ed is forced to keep up with the aces that are given to him. Each card gives him a new task to complete. Some require the use of a gun, some require an ice cream cone. By the end of the book Ed becomes a whole new person. He becomes a whole new character. I loved the fact that the book itself brings a whole new meaning for life to a low standard Australian. The book describes very well in detail the situations Ed is stuck in. It’s a mystery in which everything could happen to change the plot. The book has a lot of cursing which is kind of hard to get around. One huge problem is that there are sex related topics that almost made me drop the book. You’ll have to get around that along with cursing to get to the meat of the book. The good stuff. It’s worth it. I would completely recommend this book to teenagers, mainly 13 year olds but no younger. The book is really interesting and puts an amazing view on such a weird situation. ‘I am The Messenger’ should be on the top of your must read list of books.