The Arid Yet Amazing State of Arizona


Meghan Sharma writes, When you think of Arizona, you may think of an arid desert with very few cities and bunches of cacti.

When you think of Arizona, you may think of an arid desert with very few cities and bunches of cacti. Yes, it may be a distinct difference from Colorado by spotting cacti and sand everywhere, however, when I went there a few weeks ago, I saw that it was much more that just a desert.We decided to visit Scottsdale, Arizona – right on the suburbs of Phoenix. The first thing you would notice was how everything seemed like a desert, contrasting to the mountain style of Colorado. Wherever you went, you would find sand and cacti all around you.Pools and golf courses were everywhere. You could even see the large canyons surrounding the city.Some of the simplest things to do there are to go to a pool or play golf. Both are popular things to do and are also a fun way to spend your vacation.Going to downtown Phoenix is also a nice way to spend a day. The drive from Scottsdale isn’t too long, either; just about twenty minutes. Compared to Denver, Phoenix is a bit smaller and has a less dense population. If you’re a sports fan, you can also see places like the Phoenix Suns’ stadium or the Arizona Diamondbacks’ field.One of the most remarkable features of Arizona is the Grand Canyon but that’s about a four-hour drive from Phoenix. If you’re looking for a place like the Grand Canyon that’s closer, you can drive two hours north to Sedona. It looks a lot like the Grand Canyons, yet it’s more like its “foothills” and are smaller. Sedona is a tiny town but receives thousands of visitors each year. A lot like some of the towns in the Rocky Mountains, there are rows and rows of shops throughout it.My favorite part of the entire trip was the off-roading we did in a giant, pink Jeep. Pink Jeeps aren’t something you would see everyday so that’s how the company, “Pink Jeep Tours”, represents itself. It was a thrilling ride that may have even been better that any roller-coaster. As the Jeep went through the red rocks of Sedona, the whole car was bouncing up and down and sometimes it felt like it was midair. Once, we were at a 45 degree angle, a lot steeper than you would imagine.The entire ride was an adventure. In fact, the entire state is something I will never forget.