Jack Russell- Dog Detective


Kelsey Campbell writes, The top dog detective is Jack Russell…

The top dog detective is Jack Russell, with the next book in the Jack Russell- Dog Detective series called Inspecter Jacques. This book got me very interrier-ested, as Jack would say, in the mystery tied in with the calm life of Jack and his junior Jack, Preacher. When Inspector Cook and his dog Jacques come to invesitgate in a missing art painting from the local art musem, and blaming Jack’s person, Sarge of helping the crimanal who took it. The book is the best mystery book for someone that is looking for a book to read on a long ride to yourgrandma’s houseor to a camping trip. It is also good for animal lovers that enjoy a good mystery. With all the normal human feelings and problems, I forgot it was dogs talking. Also in the book, are some of Jack’s Facts which gives facts about somthing that have just happened and Jack’s Glossary which gives a definetion of the creative words that athurs ,Darrel & Sally Odgers, made by finding words in the story that could be edited into words like disapawed insted of disappeared. All in all, I adored this Jack book and would recamend all 10 books to anyone.