Shrek Isn’t Quite ‘Ogre’ Yet


"Shrek – the Musical" just arrived at the Denver Performing Arts Center.

"Shrek – the Musical" just arrived at the Denver Performing Arts Center. Based on the first "Shrek" movie, this traveling production does a remarkable job of bringing the story to life. For those who aren't familiar with the plot, this is the basic idea. After a group of exiled fairy tale creatures show up at his front door, the ogre Shrek is very angry. He decides to go talk to the king who sent the creatures to Shrek's swamp. When he gets there, the king, Lord Farquad, decides that Shrek is going to get him a queen, in trade for Shrek getting his swamp back. Will Shrek get his swamp back, or get killed trying to save the princess? Go see "Shrek – the Musical" to find out.


I would definitely recommend "Shrek – the Musical" to audiences of all ages. As a musical, there are many new songs for the whole family to enjoy, including two from the original movie. The set and props were quite vibrant and eye-catching. They easily captured the essence of a forest, castle and dungeon. In one scene, a backdrop of a painted castle even had digitally-animated clouds. The costumes were impressive too. Donkey and Pinocchio (complete with a growing nose) were especially convincing. And, the way the dragon is brought to life through puppetry has to be seen to be believed.


I would urge though, that if you do attend, that you don't go to a night showing, unless you want to stay up until after 10:00 pm. The message of this story is that it doesn't matter what you look like. Anyone can still have friends and loved ones. If you're looking for a great activity over Thanksgiving break, I would absolutely advise going to see "Shrek – the Musical."