Food Shopping Comes Alive At The Restaurant Depot


Maddie Solomon writes, Where do restaurant owners go on Saturday?

Where do restaurant owners go on Saturday? Our parents shop at King Soopers, Target, or Walmart but for restaurant owners it might just be the Restaurant Depot. The fresh produce of The Restaurant Depot has slowly begun to fill the shopping carts of restaurant owners. It might be the biggest refrigerator store in the United States and it’s definitely the new hot shopping store in town for local restaurant owners.Who knew that you’re advised to actually grab a winter coat even on the hottest day of the year before heading out to the Restaurant Depot? With temperatures as cold as freezing, you might just want to snag mittens and a hat as well! Designed to keep the food cold, the store’s temperature is very chilly. Just don’t forget that winter scarf by the front door!The Restaurant Depot is not your ordinary store. Only restaurant owners are allowed inside. That’s right. You’re going to have to find somewhere else to get that candy bar! It’s probably a good thing too. The food portions up for sale at the store are huge! If you’re up for purchasing something you can’t just get one strawberry milk. You’re going to have to buy all 25 or 50 of them too!What do Denver’s local restaurant owners say about the Restaurant Depot? Restaurant owner Jay (Owner of Jay’s Patio CafĂ©, Parkside, and Hot Ticket) likes the store a lot. In fact most of his produce comes from the Restaurant Depot. As he puts it, “The Restaurant Depot has great prices and a good selection. The produce is always fresh.”