The Children’s Nutcracker is Sweet for All Ages


The Nutcracker is a ballet with music by Tchaikovsky. It is about a girl named Clara.

The Nutcracker is a ballet with music by Tchaikovsky. It is about a girl named Clara. The nutcracker doll she gets for Christmas comes to life, and he takes her to an amazing place called The Land of the Sweets.


Dance Conservatory of Denver (DcD) is producing The Children's Nutcracker on December 18th and 19th at noon and 5pm at The Colorado Heights Theater.


There are only students from DcD's dance school participating in The Nutcracker. There are 96 children participating in the DcD production. "I love being the Director of The Children's Nutcracker," said Jennifer Micek, the executive director and founder of DcD. "The excitement and magic of the holiday season is showcased in this ballet. I grew up dancing in the Nutcracker each year, and have had the opportunity to dance almost every role: from being a mouse, to Clara, and even the Sugar Plum Fairy!"


After having her own children, she wanted to produce a Nutcracker that was age-appropriate for young children who are frightened by the battle scene. The DcD's Children's Nutcracker has cute mice, is a little shorter, and they turn down the music, so it is great for little kids and older kids too."My favorite part of the Nutcracker has always been the Land of the Sweets," said Micek. "I like to imagine going to a land that's made entirely out of candy!"


"It's fun, it's exciting, but it's a lot of work," said Maddie McCausland, a cast member in the DcD production.


"My favorite dance is the Flower dance because it has really pretty music and I'm in it," said Maddie Korman, a dancer in the DcD production.


"It's busy, it's fun, but there's a lot of waiting around and watching other people dance," said Lilly Hutchinson, a cast member.


"My favorite scene is The Party Scene because I love being a mini ragdoll and pretending I'm at a party," said Edyth Moldow, another cast member in the DcD production.


"It's confusing but exciting because I've always wanted to be in The Nutcracker," said Sophia Means, another cast member.


Tickets are $15 for general admission seating. Parking is $5. For tickets call (720) 837-1578. Details are available at Meet the cast and do arts and crafts at a Sugar Plum party immediately following the noon shows on both days.