Ms. Best is the Best


Olivia Newcomer writes, Ms.

Ms. Best is the coolest teacher at Landmark Academy. She is fun, crafty, and creative. Although, at times she can be loud, she still is a super duper teacher. Ms. Best is so smart, I think that there are at least 3 libraries in her brain. I mean, she is a library her self. If Ms. Best was in a band, I would guess she was in a rock band because she ROCKS!!!!!I know some pretty shocking facts about Ms. Best the amazing. Her favorite color is orange. Orange in color, and orange in flavor! She does have to orangey flavor in taste! Ms. Best is engaged to a man named Zach Ziccardi. She is always talking mushy gushy, lovey dovey about him. Ms. Best is always encouraging her students to think, and not just guess. She has a special touch, and even when she is angry, the bucket of ice water pays off, and she acts as if nothing has even happened!So even though Ms. Best is loud and funky, she has a furry, fuzzy, soft section in her heart, that makes her a great teacher!