Ultimate Trains


Rebecca Bloomfield writes, Ultimate Trains is a really cool book.

Ultimate Trains is a really cool book. As well as a history of the evolution of trains the book tells about trains of the present and future, including faster and more energy efficient trains. I found the part about future maglev trains particularly interesting. They use magnetic levitation to move and hover above tracks! In the future there could even be maglev underwater trains! The illustrations were also very good and demonstrated the topics well and helped me understand some of the complicated principals. The book Ultimate Trains also had five hands-on activities including Steam Engine in a Salad Bowl, Cardboard Train Track, Make Your own Electromagnet, Making a Maglev Test Track, and Making a Working Maglev. The activities were all interesting and worked, but some of the materials were hard to find (not objects that were around the house) and some of the activities were kind of hard. The cardboard train track directions were kind of unclear and the Working Maglev materials were very hard to find. The Working Maglev is really cool, and also had a lot of steps. Kids 10 and under would probably need help with the activities. Overall though, the activities are very good and the book gave explanations for why everything worked and how it related to the real world. Each activity also includes quotes from experts in the fields.I’m not into trains, but I found this book fascinating and the activities made really cool, working things. I enjoyed Ultimate Trains and would definitely recommend it to anyone even slightly interested in trains and anyone interested in how things work.Title: Ultimate TrainsAuthor: Peter McMahonIllustrator: Andy MoraPublisher: Kids Can Press Ltd.