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Stephanie McMahon writes, Being a Hollywood ‘It’ girl isn’t always as perfect as it seems.

Being a Hollywood ‘It’ girl isn’t always as perfect as it seems. At least it isn’t for teen Hollywood star Kaitlin Burke. Kaitlin stars as Sam on the hit t.v. show Family Affairs. Kaitlin is starting to feel overwhelmed by all the early morning calls, paparazzi getting embarrassing shots of her and fueding with her cast mate and on screen fraternal twin Sky Mackenzie. To take a break from her glamorous Hollywood life, her and her best friend Lizzie plan for her to attend Clark Hall, the very normal school that Liz attends. There, Kaitlin mascarades as Rebecca, a new transfer studen from London. While Kaitlin attends Clark Hall she has to deal with nasty rich girls, super cute lacrosse player Austin Meyers, a principal who is a ‘Family Fanatic’ (One of Family Affairs’ most hardcore fans) and even make a few good friends along the way. Attending Clark Hall doesn’t turn out to be as incredible as Kaitlin thought it might be though. But unfortunatley she mightKaitlin realizes to late that her school stunt might cost her her career, her friends,and her life as she knows it now. To find out more about Kaitlins incredible journey, read Secrets of My Hollywood Life, the soon to be six book series written by Jen Calonita.